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ONA is More Than a Platform of Cross-Cultural Sensitivity

We are: setting the pace for establishing meaningful dialogue and collaborations between individual business-owning women, corporations, and community organizations; providing up-to-date information on women’s local, state, and national governance; furnishing information and resources to increase better health awareness; promoting empowerment for personal growth and achievement; and providing contextual resources for confidence and faith.

Once you assess ONA completely, you’ll find that it is a comprehensive platform that addresses many challenges women face each day. You will discover our mission is grounded in outreach to all women, regardless of race, social or financial status, nationality, or religion.

ONA stands for women who are:

  • Housewives

  • Starting a Business

  • Entrepreneurs

  • Mothers

  • Retirees

  • College Students

  • Married

  • Re-inventing Themselves

  • Dating

  • Desirous of Becoming Healthier

  • High Achievers

  • Stressed

  • Moving up the Corporate Ladder

  • Trying to Improve Money Management

  • Sorority Members

  • Chamber of Commerce Members

In essence, anyone who wants to become “better at whatever” they wish to do!

When ONA comes to your area, make plans to attend and become part of its global enterprise. Let’s enhance our communities, fortify our families, and strengthen our collective resolve for greater success. And rest assured we promise to keep our end, to keep these goals a top priority in all that we do.

Reserve your place in our next event, “ONA in DAYTONA!” It will debut Friday, September 19, 2014 at Daytona Beach’s Ocean Center, located at 101 North Atlantic Avenue.

Our great day of symposiums includes a continental breakfast, presentations from various industry specialists and thought leaders, a keynoted luncheon, and an ice cream social – all in an inspired environment for business networking and social connections. For a list of the topics, agenda, and fees for the day’s activities, please visit: and like us on Facebook: and follow us on Twitter: Sponsorship opportunities are always available. See you there!

To your success,

The Opal Network Alliance


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