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Life, Love, and Legacy
Glow-On Forum


The Tampa Bay Women's Summit cordially invites you to journey with us into a deeper focus in self-esteem, health, money management, professional development, entrepreneurship and relationships. Our “Life, Love, and Legacy” Glow On Forums are interactive presentations delivered by highly skilled thought leaders and subject matter experts in their respective fields. While attending, you’ll enjoy our panel discussions, themed keynote luncheon, dessert soiree, live entertainment, and many opportunities for networking throughout the day. So come, heighten your personal, social, and professional acumen ... at the Tampa Bay Women’s Summit!

Session Topics of the Day:

Understanding New Health Protocols

When it comes to having good health, there are many challenges encountered by women of various ethnicities, yet there is a lack in knowledge of how these issues affect us. GWS has chosen to highlight some of the most common culturally-related health crises in order to encourage your review of family medical history, awareness of ethnic health markers, and encourage more frequent preventative check-ups.  Ultimately, this session will give GWS’ attendees an up-to-date look at health trends and provide information to help spur a lifetime of wellness.

Entrepreneurial Readiness

Are you thinking of starting a business? Do you have the passion, drive, and knowledge it requires? What resources are available to help ensure YOUR success? Here, you will learn how to implement starting and sustaining a business and interweave these tools in your development plans. We’ll help you to analyze the feasibility of your business idea, and engage you in strategic planning and marketing in order to help your concept gain brand awareness. This session will give you some essential tools to get you thinking like the CEO you’re going to become!

The Dinero Dossier™: Making Money Work for You!

It is widely known that among the most important things to women, health and money management are of top priority. This session will aid in determining the best ways to save, budget and uncover ways to make your money work as hard for you as you do for it! It also assists providing a clearer view for better understanding of how the banking system works.

Relationship Rescue

This session is for all who are looking for ways to bring more powerful ways to strengthen passion in their most intimate relationships. Attendees can expect a very candid, frank, and expository panel discussion on specific areas that all of us may improve our communication and interactions with our loved ones. Don’t miss this!

Tips to Streamline, Get Organized, and Manage Your Time

Have you ever considered how much revenue you've lost in business due to disorganization? Do you struggle with finding the time to accomplish everything on your to-do list? Whether becoming more successful at work, earning an additional degree, or finding greater fulfillment in your personal life, organization and time management can become very overwhelming. This session will help you develop a personal system to identify and prioritize your activities, enhance your productivity, and govern your work/life balance to achieve your biggest goals. Learn proven methods for de-cluttering your lifestyle, getting organized, and improving the quality of your business, community, and all your relationships.

Motivation for Leadership:  Wisdom to Thrive!

All businesses and communities need skilled, experienced, and confident leadership to guide solid decision making in order to thrive. GWS’ Leadership forum is an opportunity to strengthen the knowledge base for those who bear the charge of providing good direction to others.

We will explore the qualities of humility, listening, values, knowledge, responsibility, participation, commitment, integrity, communication, passion, purpose, strategy, and determination as essential to creating good leaders who can bring value to their company or cause. In essence, we will demonstrate how the best people, who are at the helm of their organizations, lead by example.

GWS Agendas Subject to Change Without Notice.


Registration Includes

Continental Breakfast

Access to all Conference Sessions and Materials

Keynoted Buffet Luncheon

Plus … An Invitation to Attend Our Special Networking Dessert Soiree w/Live Entertainment!

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