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America’s Multicultural Conference & Expo for Women Seeking Experienced Bloggers and Writers

The Opal Network Alliance (ONA) is seeking experienced writers and bloggers who can add relevant content to ONA's social media platforms. These individuals are encouraged to share news, conversation, and information throughout ONA’s special interest area of multicultural women’s issues. Carrying the theme, “Beyond Survival to Thrive!” - ONA is a platform that is designed to assist women in garnering greater opportunities for personal and professional success through the dissemination of knowledge, utilization of forums, community participation, and expanded networking. “We want to open dialogue with women throughout the nation and the world who understand the history and plight for all women,” states Vel Johnson, Media Relations Consultant for the Opal Network Alliance. “Our objective is to create springboards for dialogue that empower and lead to the development of action plans that ONA is striving to implement.” Opal Network Alliance events are being launched to serve colleges, public locales, and corporate campuses. It features symposiums on topics such as Entrepreneurship, Networking, Leadership, Self Esteem, Relationships, Gender Inequities, Time Management, Money Management, Domestic Violence, Health, Diet & Fitness, Parenting, Social Media, and more. The organization has also created a new incentive for academic excellence through its ONA Ambassador Program. Individuals who Blog, Tweet, use Pinterest, Instagram, Facebook, and LinkedIn as well as other social media channels are being sought to voluntarily participate in ONA’s efforts to cultivate cross-cultural awareness for knowledge and empowerment for women. To learn more about the Opal Network Alliance and its social media channels, visit Interested bloggers may email the organizers at

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