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At the Opal Network Alliance, America's Multicultural Conference & Expo for Women, we have assembled a group of highly reputable presenters who are experts and thought leaders in their respective fields. They are motivational speakers, business leaders, educators, consultants, and authors. ONA’s presenters offer a full spectrum of valuable, real world knowledge and delivery to give event participants a top-quality workshop experience.


Our platform is designed to facilitate core personal and professional empowerment that assists in meeting the fundamental needs of every American woman. Coupled with resourceful collateral materials, our attendees learn, become inspired, and attain solid plans that may be utilized  during ONA’s workshop sessions, immediately. ONA selects only professionals of diverse cultural and business backgrounds who are able to connect with all audiences.

Please see our growing list of speakers​​, facilitators, and subject matter experts  below:


If you are interested in becoming one of ONA’s presenters, we encourage you to complete the PRESENTERS FORM and submit it to us for consideration.  In addition to being selected to participate in ONA events, presenters enjoy the intangible benefit of our marketing and public relations initiatives. The Opal Network Alliance can also serve as a platform in which presenters' books may be promoted, and sold to our live and captive audiences, as well as online visitors.!speakers/cfvg!speakers/cfvg

Meet Stephanie Pollard, MPH, MT


With 23 years experience as a Laboratory Technologist, Stephanie Pollard has specialized in women’s health concerns since 1997. She presents health education seminars on timely issues including: Breast Cancer, Gynecological Matters, Hypertension, Diabetes, Exercise for the Busy Woman, Eating Disorders, Sleep Deprivation, HIV Prevention, and Pelvic Inflammatory Disease.  Stephanie is also sought after to provide workshops for men’s health. Her seminars are often called upon by healthy community initiatives for corporations, healthcare facilities, educational institutions, and religious organizations.


Through her company, Health Workshops R Us, Stephanie’s provides an engaging cultural perspective supported with current data to inform her audiences about diseases, their causes, symptoms, and treatment. Stephanie’s goal is to encourage each workshop participant to become proactive in practices that contribute to healthy living.


For more information on Stephanie Pollard please visit her online:

Meet Gloria Rand


Gloria Rand specializes in developing innovative programs that help businesses maximize the power of the Internet, quickly increasing their online visibility, profits and success. 


As an Internet marketing expert and award winning blogger, she is internationally known in the field of SEO copywriting and online marketing.  Gloria is the author of Ready, Set, Engage… Marketing with Facebook Timeline, and contributing author of Mogul Mom – How to Quit Your Job, Start Your Own Business, and Join the Work-at-Home Mom Revolution. She has also been featured on television as a leading expert in her field. 


Gloria’s presentations are filled with a unique merging of real life examples, content rich strategies, and heartfelt conversational style audience engagement.   This also makes her a highly sought-after professional speaker, Internet marketing professional, and coach. The effectiveness of what Gloria teaches is demonstrated by many real life examples with clients throughout North America, United Kingdom, Italy, and Japan.


For more information on Gloria Rand and her seminars, please visit her online:, and

​Meet Steve Goranson, MBA


Over the past 20 years, Steve has worked with small & medium sized companies to grow their businesses by helping them to market and promote their product and services. He started his Northeast Florida based ActionCOACH practice in January of 2005. Currently, Steve is a member of the ActionCOACH's prestigious President's Club and in 2012 was awarded as ActionCOACH's MarketingCOACH of the year for the Americas.


Steve strives to coach his clients to be the best and think outside the box. In 2011, one of his clients was awarded an International Business Excellence award for Most Innovative Business. As a coach, Steve works with his clients with a focus in 5 key areas. The emphasis on each area depends on the client's need, type of business, and goals. His key areas are: Sales; Marketing and Advertising; Team Building and Recruitment; Systems and Business Development; and, Customer Service.


For more information on Steve Goranson please visit him online:!speakers/cfvg

​Meet Angela Spears


Angela Spears is the creator and founder of Dream Living, LLC, a company dedicated to transforming personal and occupational development through motivational coaching, seminars, and workshops. As a dream partner, life & executive coach, leadership development professional, speaker, and author, Angela has more than 15 years of experience helping others implement strategies to reach higher levels of success.


Angela uses a customized approach for helping clients to develop a new perspective, achieve goals, and apply critical methods and tools for long-term success. After experiencing her energetic approach, they come away with the belief that they, too, can live the life of their dreams.


Angela has recently released her Dream Living Journal, a tool that can be used to document success while tracking goals and dreams.


For more information on Angela Spears, please visit her online:


​Meet Michele Badie


As a Career Coach and Motivation Blogger, Michele Badie brings invaluable thought leadership to enhancing global brands in beauty, education, and retail industries.


She applies her experience and training as a Career Services Professional to provide vision to the unique needs of clients in solving business and professional challenges. Michele is a firm believer in the importance of bringing encouragement and support to others while sharing opportunities for innovation and progress that will catapult them to their next level of professional success.


As founder of Career Tipper Blog, Michele has designed a forum that serves as a motivational and insightful career resource and a platform to assist people in elevating career confidence.


For more information on Michele Badie, please visit her online:





​Meet Dr. Larry E.Webb


Dr. Larry E. Webb, is President of Webb Consultants International.  As a psychotherapist, consultant, trainer, and author, he has more than thirty-five years’ experience working with faith-based groups, community and government agencies, and professional membership associations. His non-judgmental approach and style of counseling identifies client strengths while helping to mobilize the change process of realizing personal goals.


Dr. Webb is a clinical member of both the American Association of Marriage and Family Therapy and the Florida Association of Marriage and Family Therapy, and serves as a founder of the Florida Chapter of the American Society for Training and Development. On-call for air disasters, when they occur, Dr. Webb serves as a vital part of the Red Cross Spiritual Care Airplane Incident Response Team.  As a former faculty member of the American Management Association, he is highly sought after as an executive coach and trainer by many colleges and graduate programs. His authored publications include: Occupational Stress and the Judiciary, The Support Group Manual, and numerous training materials in Meeting Effectiveness, Creative Problem Solving, Supervisory Training, Conflict Management, and an organizational development survey titled The Organizational Effectiveness Survey.


His style focuses on the strength development of clients and increasing their emotional intelligence so they become aware of their impact on others and themselves by taking responsibility and choosing productive behaviors.


For more information on Dr. Larry Webb, please visit him online:!speakers/cfvg!speakers/cfvg!speakers/cfvg!speakers/cfvg

​Meet Rachel Wilson Thibodeaux


Rachel Wilson Thibodeaux is passionate about helping women, entrepreneurs, sales professionals, and leaders develop a greater understanding of money management, and the financial services industry.


Known as the SWAG Strategist and Leverage Your Brand Coach, Rachel founded SWAG Strategy Solutions to provide results-driven coaching, training, and mentoring to assist individuals and groups in understanding how money should work just as hard as we do. With Rachel’s organization, SWAG is an acronym that means Strategic Women Achieve Growth. During her lectures, she demonstrates how the development of financial strategies has to inspire action.


With more than 17 years of experience in the financial services industry in various roles, such as relationship manager, consultant, and financial adviser, Rachel understands the importance of education for the enhancement of personal wealth management.


In addition to writing numerous articles, blog posts, and speeches, Rachel is currently authoring her upcoming book, How 30 Powerful Women Built Fierce Brands, and the e-book A Rocket for Your Journey: Powerful Affirmations and Quotes to Turbo Charge Your Success.


For more information on Rachel Wilson Thibodeaux, please visit her online:



​Meet Mark A. Vickers


Mark A. Vickers works with business owners, executives and their teams to improve results through increased clarity in their communications. 


Mark combines real world experience with his training and experience as a Certified Professional Coach and Certified World Class Speaking Coach to deliver practical and actionable training and coaching to his clients.  Mark is the author of Speaking Is Selling - 51 Tips Your Mother Taught You, and the creator of a wide variety of training programs designed to help business professionals connect more effectively with others. 


Mark's intensive workshops provide the foundation and framework for improved communications essential to being able to more effectively convey thoughts in settings that range from social to professional.


For more information on Mark A. Vickers, please visit him online:



​Meet Debbie Fay


Debbie Fay is Founder and President of bespeak presentation solutions, LLC, a presentations solution company founded in August 2006,  providing presentation development, one-on-one public speaking coaching, and corporate training to businesses worldwide.


Debbie is a seasoned international public speaking coach and presentation development specialist, with a background in developing, editing, and producing persuasive presentations that help speakers connect with their audiences and conquer a broad spectrum of challenges. Her expert coaching helps clients deliver presentations that are compelling, thought-provoking, and inspiring. As an award-winning trainer and teacher, Debbie helps her clients present themselves with confidence, conviction, and clarity, delivering presentations that get heard and get results.   Debbie is a sought-after speaker and contributing author to Forbes Magazine. 


For more information on Debbie Fay, please visit her online:

​Meet Arilia Winn


As an advocate for victims’ rights, Arilia Winn is dedicated to educating and lending a community approach that helps restore women, men, and families that have suffered the effects of domestic violence.


A recent graduate of Bethune-Cookman University, in Daytona Beach, Florida, Arilia was Vice President for the Domestic Violence Empowerment Council, a student-led organization providing community service, counseling, and seminars that helps build awareness and reduce the occurrence of physical, emotional, and sexual abuse.


Overcoming personal challenges as a domestic violence victim, Arilia couples an understanding of victimization and the mindset of a batterer in being able to more effectively inspire hope in others, while giving them the comfort in knowing they are not alone. Arilia dedicates much of her time to community service initiatives, including the March Against Domestic Violence and Bullying and volunteering at the Domestic Abuse Council, Inc. Thrift Shop., both in Volusia County, Florida.




Meet Genie James, MMSc 


Genie James is CEO of Dr. Randolph’s Ageless and Wellness Medical Center and Owner of The Natural Medicine Pharmacy. A member of the Women's President Organization and the board of directors of Girls Inc., Genie was named one of Jacksonville Business Journal's Women of Influence for 2012 and was 2013 Women in Business Entrepreneur of the Year finalist. 


As a liftoff activist for personalized lifestyle medicine and natural approaches to long-term great health, Genie has authored six books on prevention, wellness and hormone mapping, four coauthored with her husband and business partner C.W. Randolph, Jr., M.D. Genie’s sixth book, The Fountain of Truth! Outsmart Hype, False Hope and to Recalibrate the Way You Age, is a must read for anyone wanting a how-to remain vibrant moving through the decades.


For more information on Genie James, please visit her online:!speakers/cfvg

Meet Delicia Haynes, M.D.


Dr. Delicia Haynes is Founder & CEO of Family First Health Center, a family medicine clinic specializing in complete family medical care, preventive medicine, medical weight loss, Botox, Dermal Fillers (Juvaderm, Radiesse), Laser Hair Reduction and Concierge Medicine.


Dr. Haynes is Board Certified in Family Medicine and Obesity Medicine, and also serves as an Assistant Clinical Professor at the Florida State University College of Medicine.


She uses a holistic approach that focuses on healing the whole patient, not only treating the symptoms. Her professional background includes providing on site urgent medical care to drivers, employees, and spectators during races and special events at the Daytona Beach International Speedway.  She has also managed and treated Volusia county residents and visitors on inpatient and outpatient services, including, Pediatrics, Obstetrics & Gynecology, Internal Medicine, Intensive Care Unit, Emergency Medicine, Dermatology, Urology, Ophthalmology, Sports Medicine, Cardiology, Procedures, Acutes Clinic, North Street Homeless Clinic, Domestic Abuse Center Clinic, and provision of Code Blue/Advanced Cardiac Life Support coverage for HMC.


For more information on Dr. Delicia Haynes, please visit her online:!speakers/cfvg

Meet Noemi Garcia


As a qualified trainer and sales performance leader, Noemi Garcia is a leading area specialist in business development and financial management for Fifth Third Bank. She is a highly motivated individual with professional history of success in driving profitability and operational excellence in both the competitive and rapidly changing retail, banking industries.


Noemi is also considered an expert in banking business administration, sales, client relationship management, retention and staffing as well as responsible for the increase in profitability to a company. Through her dedication to training customers, groups, and individuals of essential money management strategies, Noemi provides knowledge and resources for individuals needing to develop savings plans, budget strategies, understanding and repairing credit, and helps to develop lifelong relationships for home, personal, and professional banking needs.


Noemi is also a certified public speaker through Dale Carnegie. You learn more about the opportunities for financial growth and banking through Fifth Third Bank, visit


Contact Noemi directly at:

Opal Network Alliance

Our Mission: Assisting women in garnering greater opportunities for personal and professional success through the dissemination of knowledge, utilization of forums, community participation, and expanded networking

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