Saturday, September 16, 2017

8:00am - 6:00pm

Saturday, September 16, 2017

300 East New England Ave.

 Winter Park, FL 32789

Welcome to Global Women’s Summits!


Global Women’s Summits (GWS), cordially invites you to join our most innovative forum designed to empower women and boost potential for unlimited success. Global Women’s Summit heightens awareness of women’s concerns in order to provide practical solutions for today’s challenges. Our platform includes subjects from topics such as: business and entrepreneurship, financial strategies, health and wellness, relationships, professional development, interpersonal concerns, career guidance, achievement, expanded networking, and more.


During our featured sessions, expert presenters will facilitate discussions on important issues and propose relevant strategies that are central to women’s advancement. In addition, our women’s summits will often feature themed panel discussions, special guests, and empowerment luncheons, all designed to facilitate growth and add value to your journey to greater happiness and prosperity. 


The tremendous business and networking opportunities available at our women’s summits make new connections for work, community, family, and life balance more attainable.


Our event also provides participants the opportunities to explore goods, products, and services that may benefit and support the attainment of their goals.  


Grow with Us! Corporate Partners and Attendees Alike — Global Women’s Summits is actively extending our platform to meet the needs of women in places near and far. Stay on the pulse at as we connect more women to our ever-expanding network.


Also, take advantage of the added benefits of becoming a member of the Opal Network Alliance, our new online association that functions as a Chamber of Commerce. For more information on member privileges and ONA's annual membership fee, please click here


To your success,


The Global Women’s Summit Management Team


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Opal Network Alliance

Business Development and Growth


Succeed Money

The Power of Good Networking

Social Media: The Mecca for Modernists

Public Speaking: Getting Heard!

Best Practices for Business Etiquette


Business Growth by Giving


A Career Calling

Overcoming Gender Inequities

Reinventing Yourself

Professional Development


Leadership: Wisdom to Thrive

Creating Sales for Long-Term Business Success

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Corporate Enrichment

Enhancing Corporate Culture for Growth and Profit


Good Nutrition & Fitness: Power for Performance

Cultural Health Awareness

Mental Health Alert

Sexual Awareness: Clear & Concise

For Him

Uncovering Truths About Cancer in Multicultural Communities 


Strategies for Fiscal Fitness & Growth

Tips to Streamline, Get Organized, and Manage Your Time!

Create Your Platform for Achievement


Being Better at Being You

Parenting: Fidelity for a Lifetime Connection

Domestic Violence

Building a Better Relationship

Faith, Inspiration, and Relaxation: Tips to Get More!

Pathways to Overcome Grief or Depression

Tools to Build Confidence

Better Decision Making

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General Sessions

Understanding Multiculturalism

Writing Your Book!

Know (and Understand) Your Legal Rights!

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GWS Presents Timely & Impactful Workshops

Through our Relevant and Interactive Gatherings ...



Global Women’s Summits presents the Opal Network Alliance Online Chamber of Commerce and the Central Florida Women’s Summit - created and managed by:

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