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 Student Ambassador Program

Who We Are

The Opal Network Alliance, ONA is America's All Inclusive Conference & Expo for Women. Its innovative forums are designed to empower women and boost their potential for success. Using a comprehensive, solutions-based approach, ONA heightens awareness of women’s concerns in order to provide practical solutions for today’s challenges. Our lectures include, but are not limited to, the following topics: business and entrepreneurship, financial stability, health and wellness, relationships, mental health, domestic violence, new career assessment, and expanded networking.


In addition, ONA will feature themed panel discussions, special guests, and luncheons. This entire platform was designed to enhance our attendees’ comprehensive growth, adding value to the lifelong pursuit of accomplishment and prosperity. 


Further, ONA’s exposition also provides participants the opportunities to explore goods, products, and services that may benefit and support the attainment of their goals. The tremendous business and networking opportunities available at ONA are sure to make the pathways to success much easier.



To assist women to garner greater opportunities for personal and professional success through the dissemination of knowledge, utilization of forums, greater community involvement, and the creation of expanded networking.

Who we want

We are seeking extraordinary women of culturally diverse backgrounds who embrace the values of our mission and demonstrate a commitment to making an impact in their local communities and the world at large.  Our ambassador is poised, proactive, and technologically savvy, and she is a creative and innovative thinker. She is an activist who promotes awareness of multiculturalism and/or social justice issues in her extra-curricular and on-campus activities.  Global volunteerism and/or facility in a second language are a plus.


With a GPA of 3.7 or higher, she is an effective writer, speaker, and presenter. Our ambassador is a junior in college, with a major in marketing, communications, or English. Upon our request, she can furnish writing samples and three strong letters of recommendation.



Additional selection criteria include (but may not be limited to):




  • Dedication to the group and ability to commit 5-12 hours a week

  • Enthusiasm about the work of the Opal Network Alliance and a sincere

      desire to represent the interests of ONA

  • Ability to make positive lasting impressions

  • Capacity to adapt to a variety of situations and work well with others

  • Consistent show of professionalism, responsibility, dependability,

       and flexibility





What you will do


You will offer valuable suggestions to our leadership team and serve as a liaison to our many partnerships, supporting the effectiveness of our program and process. You will act as the nexus between the ONA executive team and your tertiary and secondary peer groups.


Your duties include (but may not be limited to):


  • Assisting with ONA public relations programs such as: writing media releases, attending conferences, acting as ONA spokesperson on your college campus and surrounding community, etc.

  • Participating in conference calls with the management team, as well as other ONA College Ambassadors around the country.

  • Making presentations about ONA at area high schools

  • Overseeing and apprising ONA executives of the work and development of our college marketing campaigns

  • Attending ONA training sessions

  • Interact with ONA presenters

  • Personalizing ONA functions by making visitors and vendors feel welcome, comfortable, and positive about the ONA experience through the demonstration of sincerity, enthusiasm, credibility, and helpfulness


We are offering beneficial networking expertise from professionals in your field of study.  The ONA Ambassador role will help its awardees to deepen their practical knowledge base while building professional experience.  The Ambassador can expect a stipend of $1500 that will be donated toward books and/or tuition.  Armed with a strong recommendation from the Opal Network Alliance, the ambassador can anticipate a competitive status in her field, that will offer a substantial boost to her chosen career.


Ambassadors enjoy:


  • Unparalleled experience in public relations (meeting people, public speaking, representing the College) which develops the skills and confidence vital to success in job interviews and career advancement

  • Collaboration in a dynamic, helping organization

  • Opportunity to work with and learn from Opal Network Alliance event staff

  • Broadened contacts among faculty, staff, students, and administration for pleasure, help on campus, and references upon graduation

  • Occasions to develop leadership skills and a professional resume

  • Participation in a close-knit, nurturing student organization that enables members to feel more "connected" to the business world

What we offer

Although hard work and commitment are required, participation in ONA’s activities will accommodate the ONA Ambassador’s class and study schedules.

To apply, please submit resume, original school transcript, and tailored cover letter to:


The ONA Ambassador Program

℅ Othal Partners, LLC

P. O. Box 366 ♦ Windermere, FL 34786


NOTE: We will not consider the application void of a cover letter tailored to this position. Please note that an offer of the position will be subject to successful interviews and background checks.

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