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Engage.                 Embrace.                  Belong.


Albert Einstein has been credited with saying: “Everybody is a genius. But if you judge a fish by its ability to climb a tree, it will live its whole life believing that it is stupid.” This adage often rings true in how we recruit, assess, and retain personnel. Inadvertently, companies neglect to value, develop, and/or promote the unique skill sets of their entire staff. This easily occurs when the corporate footprint becomes confused with the corporate culture. Because of the inability to fully appreciate all staff, many organizations earn less, become embroiled in lawsuits, public embarrassment, and in some cases, close their doors.


Many executives can speak to the ways their companies do business: missions, objectives, framework, business model, and advancement for profit. Still, they may not grasp full understanding of how implementing and supporting an environment of gender and cultural equality can heighten morale, boost the bottom line, and simultaneously implement diversity goals. Thus, many opportunities to recognize and engage their diverse personnel and garner company-wide buy-in for the profit process become lost.








In these symposiums, ONA’s experienced facilitators will lead you through a comprehensive path of corporate rediscovery. Participants will identify processes to assist in transitioning their workforce to heightened productivity and maximized company success. These workshops will emphasize deeper understanding of leadership challenges, human resource management, procurement objectives, and company culture in order to keenly assess your company’s modus operandi. Companies will engage in creating plans that will successfully shift them to a more inclusive environment that ensures enhanced long-term, bottom-line profit. This targeted focus will assist corporate attendees to create strategies, implement adaptable systems, and engage the appropriate resources essential for reaching corporate goals.  Ultimately, these sessions will help your organization sharpen its business acumen and its proclivity for cross-cultural sensitivity, workforce diversity, and establish markers for creating and maintaining opportunities for gender equality. Attendees will better recruit and recognize employee proficiency as well as enhance staff placement to ensure smoother business operation. Our ONA facilitators will provide engaging discourses for insights and strategies in many areas which include but are not limited to:


  • Identifying Organizational Challenges

  • Transition and Change Management

  • Behavioral Assessment

  • Executive Coaching

  • Managing Change

  • Leadership Development

  • Team Building

  • Prolific Expertise for Amicable Conflict Resolution

  • Understanding Inclusion: Profit and Responsibilities

  • Creating a System for High Performance

  • Better Corporate Communication

  • Enhancing Organization Performance through Employee Engagement

  • Accurately Appointing Staff to Areas of Proficiency

  • Evaluating and Developing Strategies to Proactively Guard Against Vulnerable Areas of Strenuous, Demoralizing, and Cost Prohibitive Litigation

  • Establishing Benchmarks

  • Customer Service

  • Recruitment & Retention


Connecting Men - Progressing Women 

(Promoting Gender Equality)



One of the most effective ways to facilitate sensitization for achieving corporate goals is through inclusion of staff at every level of operation. In this symposium, panelist led by ONA’s subject matter experts and influencers encourage all men in every area of leadership, management, and staff to participate as dialog is created and resources are engaged to improve corporate culture and sensitivity for enhancing the workplace environment with women. 


We will assist your organization in developing an ability to harness means for implementing solutions that aid in progressive transitioning to balance cultural and gender enriching environments. This ONA Corporate Training objective is to stimulate greater dialog, produce buy-in, plans for action, and enhancement for entities that seek to become “global” with their current employee base.

Objective: Enhancing Corporate Culture

for Collaboration and Achievement

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